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Have you ever considered how long the oil has been in your power steering system? I am sure you regularly replace engine oil and transmission oil but have you given a thought to your power steering oil?

We suggest that your power steering system be serviced every 12 months or 20,000 km. That way you can be sure that the viscosity of your oil has not deteriorated and we are able to inform you of any potential problems. We also install inline power steering filters during our services to catch any impurities that may find their way into your power steering system. Click Here



Our power steering racks, boxes and pumps are fully reconditioned on site. We have a large range of exchange units on our shelves.

Our power steering racks and boxes come with a 2 Year / 40,000 km Warranty

Our power steering pumps and hoses come with a 1 Year / 20,000 km Warranty.


The specialists at APS are happy to check and diagnose any problems you may have

with your steering or front end. Simply phone us to arrange a time.

John perry has been repairing & servicing power steering for 36 years. He started his trade in 1978 & has 

been working on motor vehicles ever since. APS carry out power steering work & or supply power steering exchange units for Heartland Motors at Castle hill & Penrith, Winford Motors, Windsor Holden &  Windsor Toyota

We also carry out power steering richmond repairs for many other mechanical repair workshops in the Hawkesbury, Penrith  & RIverstone areas.


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